Hola Vpn Better Internet


Users have been shocked by the serious rumors that they are selling your internet about “Hola Better Internet” from VPN services that are as popular as ZenMate. ZenMate has become one of the top VPN service providers of our country in the popular VPN services that we have experienced a few times over the internet bans that we have been experiencing lately.

While there are different VPN services such as TunnelBear, there are not any good things about the VPN service of Hola Better Internet in our country. It turned out that Hola Better Internet, popular in the world, used your back-to-back internet bandwidth while you were using it and turned your users into botnets. How is this happening?

Hola Better Internet is routing between users who use Hola for having a partner VPN service. In other words, for example, a person who uses this attachment in France and a person who uses it in Italy are directed to each other and use the internet from different positions in this way.

If you have a premium account on Hola Better Internet, you will receive referrals from Hola’s servers. But since many people use the free version, they become like a server that is the outlet of other users.

You are your point of departure, so any internet connection you make through your internet connection is your responsibility. In other words, you can be the one who is sentenced to do something illegal, to establish a link that looks illegal in our country, because it seems to be linking you. The companies that offer this type of co-branded VPN service protect it by encrypting the traffic. But Hola Better Internet does not have this encryption.

The trust in Hola has been a part of the connection to the Hola, which seems to be rather risky compared to the others, and to the VPN service Luminati, which is also free of charge, as the bandwidth of your services has been sold out and the service points of these Luminati have been sold. Continue reading →

Video Downloader GetThemAll


With GetThemAll you can download any type of file from your Windows Phone device. The app offers 3 options to download video, audio, graphics files, pdf, txt, html and many more formats. You can download HTML5 and HD videos, download audio files or download all content on a web page. There is an add-on in the browser.

Among the free and popular applications, the main features of the GetThemAll application are:

HTML5 and HD videos can be downloaded
Music files can be downloaded
Image files can be downloaded
Smart and fast download manager
Pause / Stop feature
Edit all downloads with the integrated file manager
Ability to download all content on web pages
Built-in filter option
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